For more than a decade, zombie movies have been one of the go-to in horror movies. From the famous “Dawn of the Dead” to the hit TV show “The Walking Dead”; but there is never more to it than the usual infection. Until Netflix came around and introduced zombies in an interesting way. Of course, it’s the same spiel, zombies eat people. But “Santa Clarita Diet” is zombies with a twist.

Meet the Hammond’s: there is Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila (Drew Barrymore), the husband and wife real estate duo, and their daughter Abby (Liv Hewson), the rebellious teenager just trying to find herself. During a visit at one of their properties, Sheila frightens not only the potential buyers but also her husband Joel when she becomes violently ill and pukes out a weird looking ball and green goop all over the master bathroom. After believing Sheila is dead, Joel discovers she is so much more than that. Sheila suddenly becomes alive with energy, ego, and libido; becoming an entirely new person altogether. As time went on, she became rabid and, with the help of Eric (Skyler Gisondo), their neighbour and also the stepson of a cop, this is when they discovered that she was a living zombie.

With the show’s third season out on Netflix, you really get to discover how intriguing the virus actually is. Joel does most of the research into discovering a cure for Sheila, he searches the dark depths of the web for anything and everything there is to know on the virus itself. Sheila was not bitten by someone to contract the virus; she had eaten a batch of bad clams that were infected with it, but as the seasons go on, many of the new infected are bitten and given a special serum that Joel discovered stops the decaying process, though of course, still came to no answers of finding a cure.

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The third season brings you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as, on one hand, you feel for her and you want to root for her even though she eats people, and on the other, you root for her husband who sees the wrong in it and questions whether or not he wants the immortality as she does.

The cast is so perfectly chosen for the roles, they take the characters and truly make them so much better than they were written. Especially Joel’s character, throughout the entire series you can see him become a ticking time bomb of stress and how he portrays it is truly incredible.

The show in itself is very enjoyable; it brings comedy and horror together in a way that isn’t cheesy. However, in the third season, you discover that only a month has passed in the entire series and timeline wise, it didn’t seem that way. Another downfall was the extremely slow outcome of Abby and Eric becoming a couple, and even at the end of the third season, it really isn’t concluded, but it is clearly hinted upon.  Although, this isn’t something that takes too much away from the show itself.

The last episode, on the other hand, is something that makes viewers beg for another season, of which there is no news if there will be a fourth one or not. Questions will arise at what exactly is going to happen to Joel and Mr. Ball Legs!