From the start, this was a project for Steve Hussey’s wedding, but the duo blossomed into something so much more.

Singer and songwriter Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy, who is only seventeen-years-old, channelled what they believe is the missing element in the music of today: innocence. As their wistful, dark and playful album were all written by Steve but were collaborated between the two. Jake plays five different instruments; some include guitar, ukulele, upright bass, mandolin, mainly his banjo, which is what is heard the most on the album.

The album itself was recorded in “Steve’s Merf Records Studio”  with a few overdubs on some instruments done in Nashville by Cameron Rochte of “Red Ridge Entertainment”. The album, as it’s unique sound is so different from the pop-culture of today, falls into the New-Americana genre with hints of “Bluegrass” and “James Taylor”.

The ten song album, tells a story, from start to finish of a man who is lost but then love sweeps in. What makes this band different from the rest is they shot for something unique and authentic on their album, something that’s simple and has a meaningful message behind it. This is what they’re all about.