Always wanting to be a musician without any set backs or constraints, Bryan Deister was trained in classical, jazz, progressive rock, modern music and blues. He composes all of his own melodies as well as writes and sings his own music. Deister composes his music with chorals, funk banjo, polyrhythms, and rice percussion.

With many other musicians out there that also have well written music, Bryan wanted to be a part of the classic sounds like Weezer, Nirvana, etc., and this led him to writing music in a serious matter, though turning off course of the My Bloody Valentine or Voltaire sounds and more toward classical and jazz sounds into a new age style of composing music.

Bryan Deister is attending Berklee College of Music and continuing to keep up with his writing and composition scholarship, in hopes to continue his path to become a great musician and composer.

Check out Bryan Deister’s newest two disc album “Spines of the Heart” which came out late December of 2015.