Robert Nix has been known over the last 20 years as one of the most innovative alternative artists who can mix alternative with pop, to post-punksynth, classical, new wave, and progressive rock into all of his songs. With his unique sound and song-writing style, Nix definitely stands out in the crowd. He is known for his unique approach to a sound that many people are used to just in his own different and twisted way that makes it sound utterly perfect and unique. He has been compared to many artists from the eighties and nineties, such as, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Gary Numan, and Syd Barrett; then again, some would go as far and say in some ways The Beatles.

His newest albumĀ “Once In A Blue Moon” is the fifth full-length album to be released from Nix and his music video “Won’t Go With The Flow” shows his unique and very strange, yet independent self and how he is able to turn nothing into something truly amazing. The lyrics alone burst with a sort of energy that drags the listener in and wanting more than just what he puts out. He is truly a unique and great musician.