Some may see this and think, here we go again another zombie show. It’s no Walking Dead, Santa-Clarity Diet is completely opposite that. Yes, it is about a wife/mom/real-estate agent Sheila (Drew Barrymore) who becomes one of the undead, although, how is never really explained in the 10 episode season. Her husband, who’s also a real-estate agent, Joel (Timothy Olyphant) is the comedic relief in the show and brings the question of “what is she really?” to the surface–to an extent. There is no clarity as to what she is or how she became that way. Some say that she dies at the beginning of the episode, that as well, is also not clear, it is just her husband who assumes she’s dead after puking her guts out as well as a small weird looking ball. This is the only problem with the show; everything is rushed through and not explained thoroughly. Yes it’s understandable that this is only the first season and Netflix is testing the waters for the show to make sure they can bring another season along, although, if they do, there needs to be just some more details about the illness, and why she’s suffering through this, that is to say, who she became this way.

All in all, there is nothing truly bad to say about the show itself, the acting is perfect for what the show is. The chemistry between Barrymore and Olyphant couldn’t be better, they work very well off one another, although, they seem more as if they’re best friends rather than husband and wife, let alone high-school sweethearts. However, there doesn’t seem to be a better casting choice for Joel than Timothy Olyphant.

If you like weird comedic zombie shows, this is definitely the show for you.