***spoiler alert***

I have to admit; I wasn’t totally excited for Season 6 of the Vampire Diaries. Damon and Bonnie were gone; everyone had just come back to life for the umpteenth time, and as expected, Elena was in yet another downward spiral. A downward spiral from which we couldn’t expect her to recover without Damon who is stuck in no-mans land with Bonnie and Kai, who in this episode we find out is a serial killer. Sounds like Season 4 with less juice to me. But that doesn’t mean its rabid viewers won’t be left with tons of questions at the end of this episode.

The episode kicks off with Elena attempting to rescue Stephan from his denial. In typical vampire-Elena fashion, she does this by straddling the back of Stephan’s bike to salvage Stephan, once again in typical Elena fashion. She’s determined to get him to come home after Enzo’s fury-fueled binge in which Stephan’s then girlfriend ends up dead. A home, which, by the way, they cannot return to without burning in the sun. It looks like Caroline isn’t the only one in denial at the loss of their forever home.

Where was Caroline in this episode? I need my weekly dose of the obsessive, blonde vampire. She seems to be the only still sane vampire left, not that she was sane as a human either. The writers seem to be entertaining the idea of Stephan and Caroline ending up together, what with Caroline’s rant in last weeks episode. They’ve had a spark since season 3 though, so it’s not that surprising. Let’s cross our fingers for a glimpse at ‘200 years in the future’ at the series finale.

Not going to lie, I immediately panicked when I heard rumors of Stephan proposing to Elena. What would happen when Damon inevitably comes back from the dead and Elena had started rooting for team Stephan again? That would have made it the third time Elena’s switched teams…right? Too bad Stephan ‘Cooper’, gets Elena ‘Williams’ to say yes to his proposal, just to prove a point about moving on, in the middle of a crowded bar. Once the bar empties, we discover an enraged man bent on revenge for his brother. Predictably, Stephan doesn’t exactly charm his way out of a lost battle, with Elena, of course, coming to the rescue. Where’s Lexi when you need her?


After this we see Jeremy trying to calm down Sarah, the un-compelled girl Elena bit on the ‘I miss Damon’ rampage. Sarah and Jeremy discover that Sarah’s father was Zach Salvatore, Stephan and Damon’s distant nephew. Which leads us to question, what happened to Sarah’s mother? We’ll go back to that in a minute.

During all this, Damon and Bonnie are stuck with Kai on the other, other side. Long story short: Kai got exiled by his coven because a.) he has as abnormal power to consume the power from other witches (best of luck Bonnie) and b.) he murdered all of his younger siblings. Sadly, Damon and Bonnie need the ascendant- a supposed one-way ticket home for all three of them but only for all three of them. So whatever they’re stuck in 1994 was built for Kai specifically. But how did Bonnie and Damon end up there?

We also see what was so important for them to be stuck in 1994. Damon returns to Mystic Falls supposedly for a fresh start. Zach and his girlfriend (Sarahs mom) are 6-months pregnant and happy as can be. As Damon was still in his darker days, he murders Zach’s girlfriend and compels him to forget about it. Sigh.

And last but not least, we have Enzo, who at the end of the last episode was shot by Stephan as revenge for killing Ivy (Stephans girlfriend). Now, Tripp of the Fell family has him locked up. We can’t help but wonder if Enzo’s going to spill the beans on who is what in the town of Mystic Falls including Elena, who now knows she asked Ric to compel her to forget about Damon.

Whether its Ian Somerholder and Nina Dobrev’s real life breakup that’s the cause for this low point, it is clear we can expect there to be a lot more action when Damon and Bonnie return. Hopefully, Kai will be there to stir things up a bit as well. Oh, did I mention the show ends with Stephan’s thought-to-be-dead girlfriend Ivy waking up in transition? Somewhat predictable, isn’t it? Thank you Enzo for keeping us on our feet. Despite the shows never ending predictability (about to join the ranks of Supernatural stardom here), we just can’t seem to stop watching until the end. I just hope this season is indeed the end for the Vampire Diaries.