download (1)Unlike many musicians nowadays who start out in the music world as a teenager and blossom from there, Rob Williams discovered his love for music at a later time in life as he was nearing his forties. Rob was raised in Virginia and has always had a deep connection to brands of rock and Americana from the Southeast. Even though he had a natural ability to play guitar–taught to play Neil Young by his big sister–and to write music, he eventually put all that away and began to pursue his love of learning and became a teacher, though after years and years of being an every day kind of man, Rob decided to dive back into music, once again.

In 2013, Rob made his first LP entitled “A Place In The Sun” that showed how incredible his writing and performing was by being able to deliver compelling storytelling music. However, his teaching was holding him back from being able to promote his LP and being able to tour to play some shows, that he started to go on regional trips in hopes of fixing this problem.

downloadFor his second record, Rob decided to record it out of the comforts of his hometown and narrowed down to family and friends on a map who lived near a recording studio. Rob learned that it was better to take risks for his music, over planning and outlining everything, as the spontaneity with his writing is surely a unique sound. His spontaneity brought him to Salim Nourallah, a producer in Dallas.  His new album entitled “Southern FM“, puts a stamp on Rob’s sound–acoustic alternative with an Americana twist.

Look out for Rob Williams’ “Southern FM” out this December!