Straight out of Finland, these Finnish rockers have rebooted their double single “Hit The City” and “Diamonds” and are back on track with two brand new songs, which are endlessly amazing, “Rock’n’Roll Saves Souls” and “Shooting Star.”

Rock Masters Band are built around a rotating lineup that has a few main members, but they are always endlessly engaged with their audience and can keep their audience engaged with them but always having something new and fresh so no one gets bored of tired of their sound. Their unique way of getting the audience engaged is their rotating lineup, every song is different because every song has a new musician that comes on and performs, not including the bands trio of main frontmen, though their unique way of spicing up their sound has truly molded a specific scene in Finland.

The band has found a whole new sound and seems as though they’re going in a new, interesting, direction. Lately. their songs have gotten deeper and surround around certain themes about hope ad survival, leaning away from their commonly used love subject with heartache and the like. They seem to be diving into the blues sound. Though they still have the classic old-school rock and roll sound that they were going for.

Rock Masters Band has since signed up with Redberg Agency and has already started recording their new tracks “Night Bus” and “Two Faced You,” they’re looking as though they’re ready to jump at the world with their new sound. The trio that are the centre of the band are extremely dedicated to the future of it and hope their unique and bold use of instruments, they hope, will leave fans wanting more and more.

Try them out and listen to their EP here and truly engage in the unique sound every track brings.


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