The Maze Runner brings its sequel the Scorch Trials to the big screen. Based on the novel by James Dashner, of the same title, it is a continuation from the last movie. Though does it give justice to the first of the series?

The mystery behind the maze runner is what made the movie itself so intriguing, wanting to know what’s going on outside those walls, who are these kids and why are they here, where do they come from, and most importantly, what’s in the maze? The Scorch trials starts off more or less the same way the maze runner started off with Thomas,(Dylan O’Brien), waking up abruptly and having to come to his senses of where he is, though maze runner left us off with them being put on a helicopter and this is where the scorch trials begins, with a more in depth look at the outside world. As well as for viewers, a more in depth look at what’s actually going on, in which is still a mystery although through the movie it is explained bit by bit that there was a disease that spread and the people in the maze runner were the individuals who have the cure so to speak. Though Thomas finds this out the hard way and breaks out of the secure location he believes he and his friends are in when in all actuality, they are kept there to be attached to wires and tubes in order to be of assistance to those who haven’t been infected yet.

The big issue with the film is that everything happens so quickly, one moment one this is happening, the next moment another thing, yes it was non stop action from beginning to end, which is great for an action movie but this best way to describe the experience is as though you’re swimming and come up for air but go back underwater and continue going in and out without giving yourself a moment to relax. This was the same effect the movie had. Not a bad experience but one that doesn’t give a break to the viewer.

One of the redeeming qualities of the series is that they can be watched as though they’re one long movie as they end and begin exactly where the previous one ended, which is perfect! Another being the mystery behind Thomas and Teresa’s, (Kaya Scodelario), past before the maze runner is very intriguing and we do get to see bits and pieces as well as are fed some answers but not enough to truly understand what exactly is going on, not only with them, but with the company in general. One character of which there are hopes to see more of is Janson, (Aidan Gillen, who plays Little Finger from Game Of Thrones). It seems as though his character does not like to follow the rules of Ava, (Patricia Clarkson), who seems to run the whole company.

All in all, the film was very interesting especially the infected people that we come to meet which is intriguing and makes the viewer want to see more.