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On November 24th, Soundgarden released their highly anticipated 3 disc compilation entitled Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path. This is the compilation fans have been waiting for and Chris Cornell has been hinting about for years. Disc 1 is a b-sides and unreleased disc, whereas Disc 2 is a collection of
cover songs and Disc 3 is full of rarities. However, these albums are just as titled, scattered. The music on the first disc spans sounds from the 90’s with songs like “Birth Ritual”, from the popular
Singles soundtrack, to “Black Rain” and “Blind Dogs”. These songs remind us of the signature impact Soundgarden made upon arrival to the music scene years ago and why there were put on the map. This compilation also features the eclectic, but typical b-side sounding jams as “Cold Bitch” and the short one minute and
forty-seven second “She’s a Politician”.

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It is no surprise to feel through the mundane lyrics and repetitive nature of most, why these tracks have been released on a scattered tracks and b-sides album and were possibly cut from mainstream albums. As far as fans as concerned, this compilation may be just what the doctor ordered but if you’re looking for the signature Soundgarden feel that brought them to the tops of the charts, this may not be for you.

One of the tracks which does stand out, however, is the twisted love ballad “Fresh Deadly Roses”. This track seems like a good road trip type song where you would feel comfortable driving a long deserted road for hours just listening to the dark cooing of Cornell’s voice. Another powerful track off Echo is the AC/DC infused “Heretic” chalk full of powerful vocals that sting which again only Cornell’s voice can do.

The newly advertised unreleased studio version of the b-side “Kristi” is an upgrade from the fan version released online years ago and is filled with haunting vocals, deep pounding drums, and guitar riffs, but comes across more like a dark brooding Type O Negative track with lyrics like “You’ll break without me, you’ll never make it without me”. Hardcore fan or Soundgarden enthusiast, Disc 1 of Scattered gives you another look at Soundgarden, a quirky bit of leftovers that rings in your ears and tingles your senses for hours to come.