Growing up in the South gave Eli Raybon a sense of being forced to fit in with everyone around him to be part of the social norm. Most of his friends found themselves living life like it was described as, school, job, spouse, kids while Eli wanted more and seemed out inspiration from bands like Phoenix, The Killers, The Smiths, and much more. As his father is a musician and his father’s cousin had chart hits with the band Shenandoah, it was obvious that Eli was going to join the band wagon, so to speak.

At the age of sixteen he began to seriously write songs and by seventeen he started producing and recording music. At eighteen he had performed overĀ one hundred gigs and released his first album, The Machine & My Dilemma. The album shows how Eli wanted to break free from the annoyance and frustration of a small town. Although, before he left town for Los Angeles, he was studying computer science and mathematics at New York University.

In September of 2016, Eli drove to Los Angeles and had settled in with a few friends and getting into his music seriously and would stay up all night experimenting with his recordings, and with all the experiences he was dealing with, including noise complaints and threats of eviction, they had given him lots of inspiration for his new album. The song titled “Unsymmetrical” was the turning point of his old sound to new. The new album entitled “Green” was released in April of 2017, a color that Eli associates with being crafty or creative. However, it also associates with his triumph of overcoming his fear and moving to Los Angeles.