Seth Goodman is passionate about two things in life, one, to drink sparkling wine, and secondly, to create his unique version of psychedelic post-rock Americana about mortality and alienation as The Grand Undoing. Growing up as an only child outside of Boston, he was focused on his record player and took advantage of the college radio and club scene as he got older. Goodman’s final sound fell into place when he developed a liking to roots music and classic country; eventually all his influences in music turned and mixed together into his unique and distinctive sound.

In 2011, he released “Appeasing the Sick,” which made a huge statement, musically, and landed on the Indie News At Noon, as well as the 2014 release “White Space Flavors and Parties on TV.” Although, with his latest release, “Sparks Rain Down from the Lights of Love,” by Secret Candy Rock Records, Seth managed to push his talents further and moves from different styles, but never loses his own sounds of hooks and cohesion. Listing to his music, lyrically everything is meant to lift up people’s spirits and inspire others in a sort of cinematic escape, have excellent music to hit the road with and, of course, to be listened to with a perfect glass of sparkling wine. 

“Sparks Rain Down from the Lights of Love,” is due to be released September 30, 2016.

A refreshing blend of soulful classic country and rock. Reminiscent to David Bowie and Glen Fry – UnderThePress