Stranger Things, created by Matt and Ross Duffer, is an interesting sci-fi thriller that leaves you wanting more and more after each episode. It plays homage to similar genres of the 1980s, which shows the innocence of children and teens without the help of loving technology to be on their side, and more toward the classic spooky tales of the eighties.

stranger-things-christmas-lights-fakeMany say that the Duffer brothers are a mix of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, and used their techniques in the television show to help make it more unique than the other Netflix Originals out there. The story begins and ends in the same room, with the same characters, four best friends playing Dungeons and Dragons, though when the story begins, one of them goes missing. This is where all the eeriness begins. His best friends are searching for him, believing something took him. The boys mother, played by Winona Ryder–in which could have been any other actress out there as she did not bring much to the show other than her nostalgic feel to the old films she had done in the eighties–eventually teams up with the local sheriff Hop, (played by David Harbour), her older son, and the sister of one of the boy’s, (Natalia Dyer), to go in search of all the chaos happening in their town. But before they do so, a young girl comes to their presence, her name is Eleven, (played by Millie Bobby Brown), and she has interesting abilities. Not only is the disappearance of the little boy fishy, but what’s going on at the government lap coming across as a conspiracy theory due to the eery monster who came from another dimension in search for, as we find out in the show, many children, but without reasoning as to why. Which gives the show a plot hole as there is no reasoning to why the government is searching this other world and why they are only after children.

The show itself is very grabbing, keeping the viewer wanting more even with so many questions lurking about. In moments of high stress in the show, as a way of calming down the viewer and allowing them to see into the lives of the character’s more clearly, there are flashbacks that are strategically placed giving a brief sense of normalcy in their lives. These flashbacks could have been leaning more on the side of cheesy, although with all the nail-biting throughout the show, it was nice to have a moment of vulnerability in the characters, and seeing how they once were without sorrow and all the craziness happening.