Spoiler alert: Where, oh where have all the Great Warriors gone?


One of the most frustrating things about TV shows is that you know the writers won’t actually kill off your favorite characters. We thought Murphy was dead for half of the first season and then he came back with fire. We thought Chancellor Jaha was doomed and now it appears he’s somehow made it to earth. And at the end of last week’s episode it was revealed that Anya had somehow survived last seasons explosion, which killed over 300 grounders. Funny how television works, isn’t it?

This episode starts off with Clark and Anya’s miraculous escape through the Reaper tunnels. Because this is television, the escape was a little too miraculous for my taste, but was gripping none-the-less and left viewers with plenty of questions. Exactly how many captives are there? We see the body dump site of said captives, the bodies of which are then given to the Reapers- clearly some sort of twisted exchange with the cannibals going on. Something tells me this is leading up to something bigger later on in the season.

The Ark survivors are also trying to figure out exactly how to survive on earth. Abby Griffen, Clark’s mom, demonstrated some serious kick-butt attitude last episode when she gave Bellamy, Finn, Murphy and others supplies to find survivors from the drop ship. Of course, Councillor Kane seems to be stuck in the ways of space and orders Abby’s punishment for breaking the law. Am I the only one who wants to reach inside my television and snap the lashing wands in half? Where’s Chancellor Jaha when you need him?

Speaking of which, where was Chancellor Jaha in this episode? We know he made it to the ground… right? Let’s hope this isn’t one of those times where we don’t see him again until the season finale as a grounders captive. We can however hope that with Abby’s new leadership, we’ll be seeing some much needed changes around the Ark Survivors camp. And just when we were starting to lose hope for their humanity.

This leads us to Finn, Bellamy, Murphy and the others adventure trekking through the woods, hoping to locate Clark and the others. Capturing a one-eyed grounder in possession of Clarks watch, they interrogate him into revealing the location of prisoners. Finn seems to be letting his emotions get the best of him, going so far as to shoot the grounder. Murphy might have actually have been the sanest of them all in this episode.

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Clark, however, is recaptured by the Mountain Men and is almost doomed to be put into the harvest chamber with the other captives but alas, Anya comes to the rescue. The two outrun the Mountain Men soldiers to the exit, off the edge of a waterfall. Of course the two jumps and survive (in classic TV show fashion). The last we see of Clark though, is Anya takes her hostage to return to her people. And I was beginning to worry, Anya had lost her fire.
One character that does seem to be losing his spunk is Jasper. Love seems to have caught him. He’s definitely swooning over Maya (one of the doctors of Mt. Weather), who seems to be almost too interested in Jasper, and it’s certainly clouding his judgement. Why is nobody panicking about Clark? Is Maya actually lying to Jasper or is she the one being lied to? Either way, lets hope one of them gets a little braver both in their feelings for each other and in what’s actually going on.

Octavia too, seems to steadily be growing braver however, quite the more desperate. In her anxiety to find Lincoln (more on him later) she aids the grounders in killing some Reapers in order to get some of their captive people back. Alas, Lincoln isn’t there and there are no casualties. Sigh, you would think all this would lead to some sort of altercation with Octavia and the grounders, not that she hasn’t already proven herself already.
Something tells me the creators of this show are building up to something more dramatic with the Mountain Men versus everybody else. Perhaps the Ark Survivors will be forced to pick sides? The episode, however, does end with Lincoln in captivity by way of the Mountain Men, which, if seen by any of those from the drop ship, will cause a serious disturbance. Perhaps if this weren’t television, we wouldn’t be so assured our favorite characters won’t die.

Currently, there aren’t any real risks being taken by the characters. Nobody has been shot in a while (except for that one unlucky Ark survivor) and there aren’t any broken bones or diseases to speak of. The writers are either leading up to something bigger than the Reaper-Mt. Men alliance or don’t know where to go from here. Whatever the case may be, I, for one, will certainly be tuning into next week’s episode.

photo of The 100

The CW’s newest post-apocalyptic show premiered in March of this year and was immediately renewed for a second season. If you haven’t started watching this show, definitely recommend giving it a try. Bonus: it’s available on Netflix instant play and airs every Wednesday at 9:00 on The CW.


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