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The series is set in a post apocalyptic United States some 15 years after an unforeseen event causes all the power to go out. Cars, phones, water pumps all the things we as a civilization have become so reliant on suddenly stop working and in turn are forced to adjust to living without the convenience of electricity. In a world of chaos, there are those who have risen to power with the help of their growing militias and when a man from a small village is killed who was rumored to have had something to do with the ‘blackout’ the militia kidnaps his son. His daughter returns to her village to find her father lay dying and her brother gone. She then sets off to rescue her brother along the way enlisting the help of her mysterious uncle. Throughout the journey they discover the truth behind it all, and set out in an attempt to turn the power back on.

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As with many TV series they filter through directors such as Charles Beeson (most famously known for Supernatural) and movie director Steve Boyum (Groundhog Day,True Lies, and You, Me and Dupree). This show has the fingerprints of J.J. Abrams written all over it, with a very similar plot development and filming style as that of LOST and Alias. Revolution has a cast containing the likes of Billy Burke (Twilight), Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST, V {Visitors}, and Once Upon a Time), and Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad).

It’s no wonder I spent two days glued to my screen binge watching this series! Tracy Spiridakos,  plays “Charlie” the tough skinned daughter, (who in my opinion) has found the perfect role. This young Canadian actress is no stranger to the small screen, having had smaller roles on shows such as Supernatural and Being Human (U.S), but to me this was her breakout role. Having co-stars such as Zak Orth (Romeo + Juliet [1996]) and David Lyons (Eat Pray Love) really helps to create a very dynamic cast with the ability to really capture the raw realities of what life would be like in those circumstances.