Missouri’s Luna Jamboree uses the influence of different funk and folk sounds, many say they could be mistaken for the lovechild of both Alabama Shakes and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, even though Luna Jamboree has a similar sound to these bands, they are certainly a unique band of their own.   The band has four members, one female and three males. They are the type of band to be free of guidelines when it comes to their music and believe what sounds good together, will go together. They are based on humor, which sometimes takes over their act, but they are still a serious band when it comes down to it with their touring and recording of songs.

The began in 2008 and continued on from there with many different releases, one being their LP in 2011 “What Moves You”, their EP in 2012 “Keep Calm and Funky”, in 2014 another EP “And Those Seen Dancing,”  along with many different singles throughout the years. In 2015, they did over 50 shows throughout Missouri and some of the surrounding states, and shared the stage with Jason Ricci (Grammy Award Winner), Maxwell Hughes (Grammy Nominator), Edison and Holy Ghost Tent Revival. While they toured, the were able to book several radio shows, which was a direct result of the hype from their live shows. Ending greatly in 2015, Luna Jamboree recorded their newest album at Studio 2100 with producer and engineer Jeff Smith. This was something they planned on doing to capture the memories and excitement from the end of their tour. Their newest LP “Phases” shows the bands growing style as well as their energy at their live shows; including their crazy personalities.


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