Based in San Francisco, Horse and Chariot has a genre of their own, and with 30 years behind their new EP “Big Treble” this three song EP glam rock is different than anything you’ve ever heard.

The frontman, who prefers to remain anonymous and goes by Mr. Immortal, does not want to perform live or go on tour. He wants to release quality music for people to listen to and enjoy themselves in their own way without being pressured into enjoying it because of a crowd or audience.

Horse and Chariot have very odd influences, as Mr. Immortal’s job is being a gardener and this brings for a different view of the world and a view on what to write. That being said, on the EP all the guitars are played on a ratio called Fibonacci, which occurs in a plant like structure.

The songs also have a sense of time distortion as Mr. Immortal states that the songs were written 30 years ago, and are very different back then, sound wise and lyric wise, but everything remains the same.