Astronomy nerds by day, and punk musicians by night. The Begowatts have an interesting sound between The Sheepdogs and Blue Oyester Cult, with a little hint of Bowie. The band believes that right when they’re about to give up and hit rock bottom, is when the real magic happens, and that’s when their music is made. The band formed in 2012 by graduate students who had attended the University of Wisconsin studying Astronomy and Computer Science. The name is just as unique as the band and is a self-made unit of measurement they came up with; Begowatt. One evening they were at their frequent East African haunt eating their dinner called “Beg Wot” and after a few beers and many corny jokes, they coined the term.

Within a short period of time they went from doing sold out basement parties to being the main band at the famous Bike Shop and dropped their self-titled EP in April of 2015. The great attention the EP received gave the band the confidence they needed to release a full album. They came together and released their newest album with eleven (11) songs on it, entitled Photoelectric, which they recorded at Audio Studios in Chicago with Greg Norman.

Photoelectric was released June 17, 2016 and The Begowatts will be touring this Summer and Fall.


The Begowatts are:
Benjamin Tofflemire – Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Aaron Androsky – Bass, backing vocals
Arthur Eigenbrot – Drums & percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals (lead on “Rock The Bugs Out”, and “Sophisticated Lady”)
David French – Lead guitar, lead vocals