Teen Wolf’s star Dylan O’Brien stars as Thomas, the protagonist of The Maze Runner. He wakes up finding himself in a box that leads him to a dystopian society filled with boys his age. Unknown of his whereabouts or own identity, Thomas struggles to find peace with himself. The leader of the pack Alby, played by Aml Ameen shows him the ropes how all the boys were sent randomly and that they just work together to survive and hope for freedom one day. He shows him how everything goes around and gives him two rules, everybody sticks together as they are brothers and do NOT go in the maze.
Let’s face it, whenever we hear the word no and aren’t given a specific reason, that little annoying voice in our head just pushes us to do what we’re not told to do. As Thomas attempts to go in the start of the maze he meets Gally played by Will Poulter, a confused brainwashed boy, and there is an obvious tension between them. Newt played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster is the second in charge who is more the peacekeeper. As the movie progresses, Thomas learns that the maze closes its doors at night and that nobody has ever managed to survive a whole night in the maze. It’s the job of the maze runners, the fastest and strongest boys of the pack to map out the maze in hopes one day they will find their freedom.

Wes Ball based this movie on the book written by James Dashner. I haven’t read it yet although after seeing this movie I want to. Like many teenage girls, it was the cast of the aesthetically pleasing boys that lead my persuasion to purchase a movie ticket. Kaya Scodelario, Skins UK series, stars as Teresa, the only girl in the cast that makes it interesting for the movie and the cast itself.
Ever since Thomas came into the dystopian society, things have been changing. A lot of new events occur that nobody can give a certain reason to. There is a lot of arguments and conflict, death in our favourite characters and we even see how far those who want to survive will go, and how close those who fear the maze will stay.