Beautiful but provocative, Niq Reefman, currently from Sydney, Australia, is a trumpet-singer-songwriter and is getting many people’s attention around the world. His mother was a piano teacher and always spoon fed classical music to him and is homeschooled five siblings, although he found his calling at church when he heard the sound of a trumpet playing. He travelled to many places to help him discover what he truly wanted and travelled back to Sydney and joined the band “The Rhythm Hunters” as well as the Melbourne band “Opa Bato!”; this is where he was lent an accordion and the possibility of playing both trumpet and other instruments suddenly accord to him.

This one musical man self-released his album “A Selection Of Musical Tales” which is a jumble os storytelling, folk sounds, jazz, and electronic music.

In 2016, Niq made a living as a travelling musician, playing festivals around VIC and NSW, vineyards, wine bars, restaurants, theatres and schools as well as homes. Though, his performance at the Granite Town Festival had grave reviews as the closing band asked Niq to perform with them. His unique sound makes him stand out from the rest but fairly easy to relate too. Niq wants to spread the more storytelling genre in music and hopes to encourage other musicians to follow in this travels and uniqueness.

Listen to the album here