Nearly a month and a half before release, The Sidekicks offer an additional glimpse into their new record Runners in the Nerved World, by promoting the video for “Jesus Christ Supermalls”, after having initially released the song “Deer”.

The three Ohio boys, Steve Ciolek, Matt Climer, and Ryan Starinsky, under the record label Epitaph, gear up to release their latest album, which was produced by Phil Ek (The Shins). The album is set to be released on 20th January 2015.

The Sidekicks Band Photo - FacebookThe first song released called “Deer”, is catchy with lyrics that provide you with a story of love, heartache and confusion. The main premise of the song are the references to deer (an innocent and sometimes helpless animal) and how the subject of the song wants to be known as the “dear” of their love interest. Questions such as: ‘Where do they stand?’, ‘Are they in the headlights or are they at the side of the road?’, ‘Will their interest choose to go with what’s in their headlights, or move past?’ provides listeners with the sense of confusion that often comes with budding or dying romance. The melody is an uncomplicated and catchy rhythm that the listener will undoubtedly find themselves singing along to in their head.

The second release, “Jesus Christ Supermalls”, is nothing like their first and it is the type of tune that would catch on quickly over the airwaves. The intro and chorus sounds like it is heavily influenced by The Killers, but The Sidekicks still give a unique flare to the song. It’s seemingly a commentary on the chaos that is consumerism and the reference to Jesus Christ a notion that buying has become a religion.

The video, initially launched on the A.V. Club website, is a bit confusing – it’s 3 minutes and 51 seconds of staring at a purple sky passing by, presumably lying down in a car (there are overhead highway signs, city lights and bridges that pass into view). What is most likely a way to suggest we should all take the time to just sit back and look around our settings, even while we are moving fast, the video is still lost in translation. I just wasn’t feeling it. Despite that, the song is another great prelude into the Sidekicks’ upcoming album.

Check out the two new tracks by The Sidekicks from their upcoming album Runners in the Nerved World. You might just find yourself playing them a few more times.

Track List:

1. Hell Is Warm
2. Everything in Twos
3. Jesus Christ Supermalls
4. The Kid Who Broke His Wrist
5. Pet
6. Blissfield, MI
7. Deer
8. Summer Brings You Closer to Satan
9. Century Schoolbook Grown-Ups
10. Satellite Words and Me
11. Spinning Seat
12. All Things Run