John Hickman believes that if you believe in yourself, and with the right skill and mindset, you can fulfil your musical dreams at any time in life. Hickman’s newest sound is soft-rock piano licks that transport listeners to the 60s and 70s with the upbeat yet soft track. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he went to the University of Texas. Hickman retired from his life as an Aerospace Engineer, his wife as well as himself, moved to Maui, Hawaii. Hickman can’t remember the exact moment he met his musical match, but in the early 2000s his wife had bought his a guitar, and it kicks off from there. With his single song releases for the album “Remnants”, he edited the twelve tracks at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, with the help of Jonathan Plum and Geoff Ott. Hickman sings the lead as well as background vocals and piano on all the tracks, aside from two of them.

The uniqueness of the tracks with the vibrant sounds of classical and modern mixed in as one brought Hickman to the semi-finals in 2011 for a song of the year contest for his song “While Everyone Was Sleeping.”

“Hello Hello” is the story of a woman who is experiencing the beauty the world has to offer her in glimpses, one moment at a time. It’s soft yet joyful tune brings the listener in one beat at a time.