Loser’s Way Home is a unique band that when you first listen to them, you feel as though you’ve been listening to them forever. Their fold rock is musically challenging yet oddly familiar in so many ways sounding like Tallest Man On Earth meets Noah and The Whale. They began in Memphis but had ventured out to Arizona where they have welcomed many of their old and new fans to enjoy their unique musical sound as well as scheduled dates in both Germany and the Czech Republic.

They play numerous instruments each, making the music itself sound as though there are at least six people or more. Randall Downs, is the band’s lead singer and song writer, as well as guitarist. Ryan Veach plays drums, Steven Bowman plays violin, piano, mandolin as well as vocals, and Rex Gorman on bass, keys, and vocals.

In 2010, they released one of their LP’s entitled “Can I Let You Go?” and just a year later released their second LP “The Way Things Are” which showed off the band’s talent, style, and way of telling a story through song. In 2012, they released their EP “Egypt” that developed their sound  to an even more dead on sound. Their album “Of A Once Great King” drew the attention of Nashville alternative rockers Jars of Clay who had welcomed the band into their studio, which led to Loser’s Way Out’s newest release “of Songs for The Rest of Us” which was produced by guitarist Matthew Odmark.