The Tigerlilies brings back the vibe and sound of many bands from the seventies and eighties, such as The Ramones and Cheap Trick. Brother’s of Cincinnati Pat and Steve Hennessy started the band which includes Brian Driscoll and Brendan Bogosian, have together formed the pop-punk band and have travelled around Ohio playing numerous shows; also in support for Violent Femmes, Joan Jett, Guided By Voices, and much more.

In the last ten years, they have released many albums and singles on countless independent labels, like Atavistic, Mono-cat 7, and Violently Hip. In which they have produced four full-length albums to exhibit their new age blend of the sounds from the eighties pop-grunge phase, with a mix of sixties soul and garage rock.

They released an EP in 2016 entitled 123456 and are now releasing a vinyl of their new singles “Lover’s Du”, and “Shipwrecked” where they were recorded at Herzog Studio Space in their hometown of Cincinnati. Due to be released in February of 2017, the seven-inch vinyl shows a different side of the band.

Both sides of the 7” deal with the ephemeral nature of love and life, often capturing such weighty subjects through the lens of pop culture.

“These things are important to us because they represent a shared human experience” asserts Pat. “Hearing them reflected in song can bring people together, make them feel uplifted, reflective and just better.”

This is a sentiment which has been echoed by their fan base who have expressed how The Tigerlilies music has helped them through depressing and even suicidal times. It seems the band’s retro, revved up rock, which often comes with a carefree veneer, has a profound effect on people’s lives.