From the same name as the cult-British trio, The Tigerlilies are a Cincinnati based post-punk-power-pop band similar to The Ramones, and Cheap Trick. Steve (vocals and drums) and his brother Pat (vocals and guitar) Hennessy started the band, and the band also includes Brian Driscoll (bass) and Brendan Bogosian (lead guitar).  They have played all over Ohio and served as support for Joan Jett, Violent Femmes, Guided by Voices, Paul Weller and Superchunk, which allowed them to create a fan base and following along the way.

Over the last ten years, they have released many albums and singles on some independent Midwestern label: Mono-cat 7, Violently Hip and Atavistic, which is where they made four full-length albums that show off their unique blend of 60s soul meets garage rock and punk. Over these ten years, the band has gone through thick and thin, from their tour van crashing in Dallas, which was one of the hardest times the band had to go through as they lost their manager Craig Falbe, they stayed together helping each other cope along the way.

The theme of ‘resolve’ has been in the band’s work and has never been more apparent than ever in their newest EP “123456,” which describes various subjects like loss, alienation, space travel, and a tribute to David Bowie, which was written over a year before Bowie’s passing. These themes belong together because they describe’s people’s experiences and lives across the world. Many fans have expressed how this music has helped them through hard times, even though the retro sound and revved upbeat can give some listeners another take on it, The Tigerlilie’s music has a positive effect on people.