The Unravelling, a heavy metal band from Calgary, Canada, and have been described to sound like and inspired by artists such as Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Dillinger Escape Plan, and many more. Their music ranges from both a controversial stand point, much like the YouTube video that went viral while doing a Tibetan protest for their song “Fire Breather” in which they received over 60,000 views; as well as an inviting, catchy and aggressive sound. They’ve been described by Pure Grain Audio as oozing “with bloodthirsty passion” for what they do.

In 2009, Music Connection Magazine had named them one of their top twenty-five music picks. Just a year later, Suite 101 named their debut full length album “13 Arcane Hymns” one of the top Heavy Metal Albums of that year, which turned a lot of heads for the Heavy Metal industry with websites and magazines looking at them and feeling a real connection to The Unravelling’s music. That same year, they were nominated for three Alberta Metal Awards as well as winning Best Album Production and have been opening for bands all around Canada. In 2010, they released their full-length album in which there were recurring themes, such as being buried alive, presumed dead, and crawling your way out of the grave; though gruesome and creepy, it fits perfectly with their genre of music. That same year, they topped the CJSW Metal Charts just two months after the release of the album.

Gustavo De Beauville not only records and composes but is also the founder and instrumentalist of the band. The singer Steve Moore, however, writes the lyrics to the songs. Though this is not a two-man band, De Beauville and Moore have brought in three other musicians from Calgary to help them make their music the Heavy Metal it is today. In 2006, De Beauville up and moved from their hometown of Calgary to Barbados where for the better part of that year as well as into the next, De Beauville was composing the music for the first album, though he had not met Moore until 2008, he knew that Moore was the perfect choice because of how driven and in want of progression Moore was toward De Beauville’s compositions. Though in 2011, Moore was diagnosed with cancer and was bed ridden for the better part of the next couple of years as he was in and out of surgeries as well as recovery. This, however, left De Beauville and their project together into some form of lapse in which De Beauville wasn’t sure on where to go or what to do, although, Moore’s cancer did not stop the duo from creating art, it merely postponed it. During the time in which Moore was recovering, De Beauville focused his time on doing a solo project as well as production on soundtrack work. In February 2014, he released “Volume 1” of his solo project and was featured in Guitar World. With the recovery of Moore’s cancer, The Unravelling are not back into the music and are more focused on making themselves thrive again. Their newest song was the first one that De Beauville sent Moore so that he would write lyrics to it, and Moore felt a strong emotional connection to the song and felt it fitting to release “Revolt” now. This song gained them over 20,000 Facebook followers in under two months and the band is now back and better than ever celebrating, not only the release of “Revolt,” but also “Master Drone” in which the artwork for the album was designed by Shaun Friesen. The album is moving ahead and has its own new twist to it sounding more emotional than the previous work they’ve done.

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