HeatherPowellDenimJacketPicHeather Powell has always known she was destined to become a singer. From singing in the choir in church, to lead performer in the US Army, she believes that she’s, “born to perform.” Powell has a degree in theatre from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, although she was also a graduate from the ROTC and as soon as she graduated, she shipped herself off to Germany where she spent the next seven years performing and spreading her art on various stages all across Europe. She decided to put the two degrees together and work in the service as a medical officer, helping soldiers and managing healthy clinics for the army. She then became the, “commander and headliner,” of the theatrical company for the army. Powell has continued her career in song writing and singing taking on studios and stages by singing and performing her way to the top. After seven years abroad, Powell came back to the United States, North Carolina to be more specific, and now currently lives in New York City after pursuing her song writing career. She released her first album entitled Believe It To Life and is currently working on a musical entitled Lipstick and Camouflage. Her second album came out in February of this year and is entitled A Haze Of Grays and Blues featuring Tomás Doncker, the head of “True Groove Records.”

Powell is the lead singer, Tomás Doncker is guitar, Josh David and Kevin Jenkins play bass, Michael J. Faulkner is on drums, Mo Roberts plays drums on “Distance,” Nick Rolfe and Manu Koch play keyboards, Alan Grubner plays the violin, the cello, and the viola: Violin and String Arrangements, Mac Gollehon plays the trumpet, and the trombone, Daniel Sadownick is on percussion.

A Haze of Grays and Blue - HP album cover (1)On the album A Haze Of Grays and Blues, a lot of her songs are different from what is being played on the radios now. Her voice is very relaxing; however, most of her songs, if listened to all at once, can blend together and sound like one song. What’s missing is the bridge to the chorus that gives the song power and uniqueness. Her sound is very jazzy, sometimes Irish like, (in the song Black and White Thinking). There are points in the album where her singing sounds as though they belong in a Disney movie, not that this is a bad thing at all. Remember the love made the listening feel happy feelings and seem like they were listening to a soundtrack from a hit Disney movie, especially when the second singer comes in.

Many of the songs on the album, once again, are very jazz like and are perfect for a high class restaurant or even a nice café where one would go to relax over a cup of joe. One thing Powell is missing, is a song that shows off her potential. She has a very soothing voice and it works amazingly well in jazz, which goes to show she’s on the right path, but what would be nice to see is her push her voice more and experience new sounds and tones. The most catchy one on the album is Unstoppable, which, though, sounds like the others, has more of a catchy vibe to it and comes off as something she should continue to pursue.

Powell won’t stop and wait for things to happen, she pushes herself day after day to be on the right path for her own career and stops at nothing to get what she wants. So if you’re into a jazz vibe, then check her out.