Thirsty, London-based band, has the sounds of classic underground punk rock of the sixties with a hint of grunge of the nineties. They use classic techniques of the rock n’ roll era with the simplicity of the three-minute and three chord format that many artists of that time made famous. Although, they bring their own spin to things as they want to have something fresh out in the music industry.

11889584_418178431700470_2855028910805777023_nThey began as a songwriting collaboration between Russian Poet Irina D and English rock musician Guy Bailey, who was the founder of The Quireboys. The writings of Irina and the music by Guy were created with stories of the Kennedy’s, Soviet snipers, and Mafioso’s as they enjoy using their music as a means of telling a story. Their music and their sound was heard and supported by the guidance of legendary Rolling Stones’ producer Chris Kimsey who helped the band shape their sound into what it is today.

Their self-titled debut album conjures the sounds of Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed with a mix of Thirsty’s own creative twist and they just kept on going until they were able to create the album that is out now and are able to share with the world.