Betty Moon started out modeling and dancing when she was a teenager, but she has since flourished as a musician and took the Toronto Music scene by storm very quickly. Within just a few months, she sold over 10, 000 records that she did herself. Doing so, she got attention from Universal and A&M records. Moon was signed a deal instantly and was crowned Canada’s Lady Of Rock. However, she left her labels and went to Los Angeles where she was signed with Evolver Music so that she can have full creative control of her music.

10660309_1013797395326129_2172851207364439387_n In turn, Los Angeles has also brought in a lot of influences for her new record Pantomania which changed from her hard rock influences in Toronto and having her sound be more her own. Her music has been heard in hit Showcase TV shows such as Dexter and Californication, and that’s just to name a couple of them. Betty Moon sees herself as a one in a million type of musician and intends on having her music become a legacy because of her unique vocal abilities.

She has gone on record saying;“All I can ask is that my music invokes emotion and helps people through whatever they have going on.” In which many people turn to that in music as they feel like they relate to the song in any way possible.

You can listen to her cover of PJ Harvey’s “This Is Love” here: