Kevin Jenkins is due to release an album entitled, “’Til The Story’s Told,” this June from New York’s True Groove Records. Jenkins is known for his alternative blues and soulful sound. he’s a bassist who has played for over thirty-eight years all over the globe from Albert Hall in London, England, to Budokan in Tokyo, and even Madison Square Garden in New York City. Jenkins has once opened for Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, the late B.B. King, The Police, and many, many more.

“’Til The Story’s Told,” is the second album to his initial first release album called, “Step Inside,” “’Til The Story’s Told,” is the follow-up and was also written around the same time the first one was, encircling the loss of his father, the birth of his grandchild, and his new marriage. This new album really shows Jenkins’ heart and soul and how he goes deeply into the acceptance of his loss, how even in sorrow the heart can still blossom, and how with loss comes new beginnings. This album has helped him to accept life and all its twists and turns.

This new album features many musicians on the nine track album. There is Jenkins on bass and vocals throughout, with Heather Powell featured as well. Tomas Doncker, who not only produced the album, but also helped with guitars and vocals, Mo Roberts plays drums, Alan Grubner on violin, Nick Rolf on keyboards, David Barnes plays the harmonica, and Michael Faulkner plays both drums and vocals.

If you like a soulful, bluesy, Americana sound, this is the album to get! Listen to the full album hereor download the full album here