galaxyUnique electronic music producer Philipp Kessler from Switzerland releases an album this June, though this isn’t his first rodeo. In 2013, Kessler started experimenting with his digital audio workstation and keyboard learning the different sounds and keys he can make. Thus ambient space became his whole world and is what he feels, which flows very natural for his music. By the end of 2013, “Orbit To Nowhere” was complete as Kessler began creating his ambient space music. BY 2016, he had released his second album “A Light From The Past”.  His main influence is Jón Hallur Haraldsson, who can be heard in the space game EVE Online.

Kessler’s music is the perfect soundtrack to listen to while playing a space related video game, or, oddly enough, watching a space movie with the sound off and only listening to Kessler’s ambient space music in its place. The music is somewhat relaxing, much as the chimes would be for a yoga retreat.

What drives Kessler to continue his passion for ambient space music is the fascination for how large and never ending space is, there will never be an end to what we can discover in outer space.