Born and raised in Clawson, Michigan, this 26 year-old sing/songwriter Nick Urb gravitated toward an escape through music, by being raised in a small town. He spent nearly eight years floating from band to band and playing gigs in Michigan. From churches, to house shows, and small theaters in his early twenties, until he found himself as far as Austin, Texas.

Nick released his first album in 2012 entitled We Are Able which came out at the perfect time to fit in with the mellow-folk-pop sound such as Noah Gundersen, Ed Sheeren, and City and Color. With little to no promotion of the album, it wound up finding music fans across the globe. We Are Able received over seven billion streams on Spotify, in which Nick began to create close relationships with his fans as it made such wonderful success. 

For his newest album, Nick began tinkering with his sound with different tuning and exploring the happiness and hardships in his life. Thus sprung the title track to the newest album, “Until the End Of Days,” which explored his commitment to pursue music. He then recorded the album in Hamilton, Ontario at Catherine North Studios, after hearing the natural sounds that the recording studio produced, he knew this was the exact sound the album needed. The result of the album shows off Nick’s unique range of vocals, beautiful melodies, and, in Nick’s perspective for those who great up in that era, a sense of nostalgia. He tells his own story through the lyrics in the songs on the album about coming to his own and uses the music to keep those moments alive.