Grunge inspired trio Vaureen grew up with the sound of the nineties to help them become the unique sounding band they are today.

They found their name from the French word “le vaurien” which roughly translates to “something no good or something deviant.” Vaureen started as a duo of Andrea and Marianne, who met in 2011 where they were working at a digital agency in New York City, where they quickly became close friends because of their similar music taste.

The band was inspired by similar musicians like The Breeders, PJ Harvey, and Witch. They take their time when writing their music for, as Andrea states; they aren’t writing pop music for everyone to listen to, they write something more deep or nasty that has some form of necessity.

In 2015, they introduced a male to the all-female band, drummer Cale who helped them release their EP on their own titled “Dirty Floor” which lead to a record single at Converse Rubber Tracks, where this lead to their EP “Violence”. “Violence” is more of a broader exploration of what the band of capable of with different tones and vibes and a different mood to the way Andrea writes. Although, she likes everything to be very black and white without getting too technical and keeping everything basic yet bringing in their version of grunge-rock to the twenty-tens. With the release of the EP came the release of their music video to their song “Before The Rectangles Take Over.” The song is very interesting as it starts out very grunge and dirty, then turns over to soft melodies. Very beautifully written and greatly played.