**Slight Spoils**

Guillermo Del Toro is known for his out of the ordinary films, though what happened with his new horror Crimson Peak? Labelled as a horror film, the drama/thriller stars Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, and Charlie Hunnam. A great cast, without the film to back them up. Based in the early 20th Century, Edith Cushing (M. Wasikowska) is a young writer who falls madly in love with Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), a man who come from Britain with his sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain) in search of funds for his invention to collect red clay. Though from a young age Edith loses her mother and sees ghosts, one of which was her mother who warns her of a place called Crimson peak. Years have passed before Edith experiences anything paranormal, until she moves to Britain with her now husband Thomas and sister-in-law Lucille does she begin to experience the paranormal once again and discovers the dark secrets that lure in the Sharpe family.
From seeing trailers, the film seemed to be leading to Thomas and Lucille to be immortal and in need of a new comer to murder in order to remain immortal. Yet his isn’t the case, although, with this in mind, there are some hints throughout  the film that send the viewer believing this, though it is the contrary and it spins with a bizarre ending that no one sees coming, yet this film itself it very predictable.

What saves the film, is the cast and their amazing talent, because without them, the film would be rated a lot lower than it is. the film starts off extremely slow, giving an introduction on Edith and how she met Thomas, and does not get interesting until over an hour through the two-hour film and once the film begins to start off and give the horror aspect it was labelled as, it is the complete opposite of horror and the ghosts themselves are nothing but kind spirits helping Edith escape the fate she married into. the sad thing about this film is, it had so much potential! the cast is there, the director/writer is there, though the story itself, just didn’t work. the whole film was about siblings going after women in order to marry them then kill them off for their money; and it was all for a simple clay machine. There wasn’t much else behind the film than that, when with a director and cast on hand, the film should have been one for the books!

Guillermo Del Toro has said in a press conference that it is based on his mother’s experience: “the opening scene is based on a visitation that my mother experienced. My mother’s grandmother died, and when she was a child she was crying in her bed, and she heard the silk of the dress of her grandmother move in the corridor. She smelt her perfume, and she heard the bed springs creak and felt the weight of her grandmother leaning on her back. She jumped up screaming and left the room.” (retrieved from bustle.com). though it makes the movie a little more chilling, it does not give off the fact that it still wasn’t the horror film we were all hoping for. yes the opening was very creepy and gave off this vibe that the film would be just as scary, though it wasn’t and it was disappointing. even though Guillermo Del Toro is an amazing director, he has yet to make another Pan’s Labyrinth.

All in all, if you are a fan of these actors, it’s worth going to see it for, it you were expecting a horror movie, then look elsewhere.