After a decade, the Avengers has come to an end with over 20 films leading up to this point. Yet, was End Game as satisfying as everyone has thought it to be?

Firstly, it is the second part to Infinity War, and if you have watched that film, you’d expect just as much action and emotion. Coming in at over three hours run time, End Game brought you where Infinity War ended, the snap, and kept you there in the emotional ending making you realize how much damage Thanos had actually done.

Without spoiling the film itself, it was a bittersweet ending to the MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) original films that started in 2007/2008 with Iron Man. There were several plot holes that still need an explanation, and hopefully, with the upcoming films that branched off of the original MCU films, we’ll get that explanation. One is the television series that was confirmed based on the character Loki, who we saw die in Infinity War, though in End Game with their time travel ordeals, that death raises many questions.

There was plenty of emotion that sparked throughout the film, seeing the character’s reactions after everything took place; how defeated they felt and how saddened they were by the fellow partners and friends that they lost. The actors and actresses themselves seriously gave it their all in the film and expressed true emotion that emitted off the screen and touched the audience, bringing not only sadness, but the realization of how much time was put into all of the films, how much dedication everyone put in and sacrificed throughout the decade and it all came to an ending that no one saw coming.

Plot holes aside, the film itself had everything in it, every character you wanted to see, every joke and every power. All in all, it is a decent ending to the original cast in the franchise.

If you haven’t seen Endgame yet, prepare yourself for three hours of an emotional roller coaster ride.