Under the Press was happy to be given the chance to review the debut album, Paint the Sky from San Francisco based jazz singer, Ashley Wilson. Flowing onto the scene back in 2014 to build her debut album, Ashley has graced us with 11 mellow tracks that remind you on being out in the sunshine on a beautiful beach day with a warm breeze in the air and the waves crashing nearby.

Ashley’s mellow vocals are light and soothing and great for listening to while you’re winding down. Title track Paint the Sky speaks of wishes and dreams associated with falling in love and embracing the feeling. Each song is personal and tells a story from heartbreak on “Fool” and regret over losing someone on “If I Knew” and is reminiscent of The Judds. She also speaks of the real-life obstacle’s lovers face in the entrancing track of “Fairy Tale”. The beats and tempo pick up for “Sweet Temptation” and we get a taste of Wilson’s vocals stripped down for “Now Or Never” which showcase her vocal talents even more.

Ashley’s debut album, Paint the Sky, will be available starting March 1st 2019.